Barbell WOD Speciality Class

The Barbell WOD is a holistic approach to strength programming.

It offers a periodized annual plan undulating volume and intensity along side partial and full range movements while simultaneously promoting squatting and pressing strength while providing technical and neuromuscular adaptations in the Olympic Lifts.

This program will strengthen the posterior chain and the core while improving muscle balance and symmetry through assistance lifts.

[Monday & Wednesday] 7:00 PM

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Take The Class?
If you are looking to improve strength, power and technique in the olympic lifts and their variations, then the Barbell WOD is for you. Through consistent effort, practice, training, and gradual overload, athletes can expect significant strength gains and movement competency in as little as one month of training. Similar to our Gymnastics Specialty class, barbell work is an acquired skill and takes practice and repetition to perfect.
How is this Different from the Regular CrossFit Classes?

Our CrossFit classes are a platform to showcase strength, skill, and stamina, but just like the best athletes in the world, performance on the field is dictated by practice off the field. The Barbell WOD gives you exactly that, consistent practice of technique while simultaneously making you stronger, which has a huge carryover into our regular CrossFit classes.