Why does training with a community make you better?

CrossFit is tough.  It’s painful and uncomfortable and most days you want to stop mid-workout, but you manage to push through and finish.  Whether you realize it or not, the CrossFit community is a big reason for why we are all successful each day we step into the gym.

Think back to if you trained at a traditional “globo” gym where you kept to yourself, did your workout, and then left.  The training got done, but for most of us there wasn’t anything “fun” about the gym.  No one looks forward to staring at an elliptical machine for 45min…

CrossFit is different!  You have a coach who is teaching and correcting you during the whole class.  You have classmates who welcome you, so you feel a part of a team rather than just a member of a fitness class.  You can feel energized from training alongside your peers and return that positive energy by motivating your teammates.  We lift each other up when the workout gets tough and we stick around to cheer each other on even when our own workout has ended.

We are community of people who want to be better every day we step in the gym.  A community that lifts each other up and encourages one another to dig deeper.

As we are approaching the holiday season with shorter days and colder weather, it’s easy to step back from training a bit and we want to remind you that I Will CrossFit wants to see you in class!  Your training partners are hoping to see your face, so don’t let them down!

In the spirit of our community we are sharing a fun partner challenge all next week (Nov 13-Nov 17).

The Turkey Bird Partner Challenge is a fun way to stay accountable to yourself and your partner.  There is no official sign-up or obligation, but you have a chance to WIN a pair of Reebok Nanos or even a turkey just by posting a picture of yourself and your training partner completing the daily challenge!  Look for the information poster around the gym!

Turkey Bird Parter Challenge

**Starts Monday Nov 13th**

Step 1)  Find a partner

Step 2)  Complete the challenge of the day

Step 3)  Take a picture and tag @goblue_j for a chance to WIN