The Foundations Class

The overall purpose of our Foundations program is to provide members with the skills and knowledge to improve their health and fitness.

The Foundations class is necessary before attending our regular CrossFit classes and will allow members to gain a higher knowledge of fitness in a safe and effective way. We teach Mechanics first, then we build Consistency with those mechanics and then add in Intensity and Volume last.

Athletic Foundation is a place you will set baselines for weightlifting movements, learn your movement deficiencies and understand how to move appropriately for the greatest benefit. Should you want more of a challenge, after successful completion of one month of Foundations as well as the coach’s recommendation, members will be eligible to upgrade their membership and attend our CrossFit classes.

Should you for any reason not feel ready to join the regular CrossFit classes, or are just really enjoying the Foundations, you are welcome to stay in the class for as long as you want.

Our CrossFit class is where you can challenge yourself in a group atmosphere, play games and further strengthen your knowledge of human performance, nutrition, and overall health.

This is where you find out what you are capable of and how hard you can push yourself.

CrossFit offers an infinite number of workout variations and hundreds of movements to learn, so don’t worry if it all feels overwhelming, we do not expect you to learn everything in one month of Foundations.

Sign Up For A Class

If this is your first time joining us, sign up for the “Free Trial” and we will start you 7-day pass when you arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to attend any other classes besides Athletic Foundations?
You are allowed to attend the Team WOD class on saturdays. We also encourage you to participate in any of our group activities outside the gym (ie climbing, hiking, snowboarding, etc.)
Am I allowed to attend other Athletic Foundations class times?
You are allowed to attend any of the Athletic Foundations class times, but we do recommend that you stick to a single class time so that you get to know the other members and coach in your class.  

How often should I schedule classes?
We suggest the 3 classes a week to allow for proper recovery between workouts. We are more concerned about you receiving proper coaching and improving your fitness than how many days you come to the gym
What is the next step after Athletic Foundations?
Once you have completed one month in the program and your instructor has approved you for the regular group class, you will have your choice of upgrading your membership options. Check out the breakdown of different memberships in our “How do I start” link on the website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
What if I don't feel ready for the CrossFit classes after the Athletic Foundations program?
Entering the group class can be an intimidating transition. Depending upon skill and comfort level, we may advise another month to bolster knowledge of the core movements and increase confidence prior to entering the group class. We may also advise you to enter the group class if we feel that you do have the required skills and knowledge to succeed, ultimately the choice is yours!
Is it ok to exercise between sessions?
The general recommendation is to ensure that you recover properly between sessions so that you can arrive at each class ready to work hard. We encourage you to continue with your regular activities and leave the high intensity training to us for now.