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When are our class times?

It’s a workout methodology based on constantly-varied high intensity movements that help everyday life. Why it works is because your body never adapts to any one movement thereby keeping the effect of any given day’s workout at maximum – and you never gets bored. The intensity that everyone takes part in ends up galvanizing our supportive community.

There is a coach lead every class so they can help you to modify any workout to match your fitness level. No worries, we got you.
I Will CrossFit has gone Hybrid! Sports Performance + CrossFit “Workout of the Day.” We have a Sports Performance background training and preparing athletes for the most elite levels of competition; we understand speed, power and agility. Our CrossFit classes include a 15-minute full body dynamic warm up prior to starting the CrossFit “Workout Of The Day.” CrossFit is an interval style workout and a broad range of athletic movements, which creates muscle confusion causing you to get stronger faster. The “Hybrid” of Sports Performance and CrossFit “Workout Of The Day” helps to prevent injury while taking your fitness to the next level.
Yes and no. First, consider the source. OK, so onto answering the actual issue, not dodging it. ANYTHING you do in life can injure you if you don’t do it correctly, or haven’t taken into consideration your level of fitness, flexibility or health. If you’re spending too much time on the couch right now, that’s hurting you, too! Runner’s get shin splints, tennis players get tennis elbows, strength trainers get strains, basketball players get sprained ankles, couch potatoes get obesity, high blood pressure and coronaries. At I Will CrossFit we will instill Technique BEFORE Intensity. We will keep you safe by having a watchful eye on you during your entire WOD. By increasing your strength and flexibility, we will actually make it harder for you to get hurt! CrossFit done properly, is both safe and potent.
One of my favorite quotes is this: “If you think you can’t do something, you can’t.” The person who told you CrossFit was too challenging for you might not be up for the challenge, but I’m guessing you’re reading this because other options have failed you in the past. The answer to your question is a resounding “No.” One of the beauties of CrossFit is that it is infinitely scalable, which means that we can tailor any movement we ask our members to do to meet your current level of fitness. Every new member will talk to the Head Coach about your health history, current body issues, and your short and long term goals so that he can help you reach them. Turns out that both Olympians and Grandmas can benefit from CrossFit, the only difference is the prescribed scale for the movements.
WOD, or Workout of the Day, is the list of exercises for a given day. Since CrossFit is constantly varied, everyone is always anticipating what tomorrow’s will be.
No, we encourage you to train intensely but also rest periodically to recover from the exertions as well. It’s vital to keeping you healthy and allowing you to push next time to new personal bests. Over-training is something we discourage because it does not help you achieve your fitness or health goals and increases the risk of injury. We recommend either a 3 days on, 1 day off approach, but we find that a 5 days on, 2 days off works better with most people’s schedules.
Soreness is not always an indication of how hard you worked out. Chances are, after your first workout, you’ll be sore for a few days. For soreness we recommend stretches, contrast showers, more movement. We try to fit in some stretches at the end of the workouts and we suggest you stretch before you go to sleep. Over time, soreness can decrease, but at the same time your ability increases, so you can always get sore because you’re working harder. On the other hand, you don’t get sore from things that used to wear you out. For instance we’ve had people say, “I cleaned out my whole garage this weekend, and I wasn’t sore at all,” or “I worked all day in the garden, and my back doesn’t hurt.”

Rest days rotate throughout the week for the multi-sport athlete, some weeks a full day of rest may be prescribed, other week, maybe not. Ultimately you’ll need to listen to your body. IF you need a rest day, take one. Pay attention to your energy levels and performances in your workouts. Schedule complete rest days as you need based on your performance level and energy levels throughout the day.