Nutritional Coaching

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Initial Assessment/1st Month of Coaching$199

Includes 2 meetings with your coach.

1st Meeting30 Min – You will discuss current nutritional habits, goals, medical history, athletic history, food history & preferences, body measurements, and take “before” pictures.

2nd Meeting30 Min – Putting your plan in to motion! You will receive a customized guide to caloric and nutrient info for your diet as well as guidelines for quantity and quality of foods you should be eating.

Once your 1st month is done, you have the option to stay on the current diet or receive further coaching and customization to your diet plan to meet your goals.


Maintenance – $39/month


Includes a 30 min monthly meeting.


The maintenance package is designed to help keep you accountable and ensure the best results.  In the meeting we will troubleshoot any issues, adjust plans, follow up on food journal, address any issues at hand, and re-check measurements.