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I have been doing CrossFit for many years and I know not all CrossFit’s are created equal. After doing a lot of research and trying a few gyms, my husband and I have signed up for I Will Cross Fit and we love it.
CrossFit gets a bad reputation of being big macho men doing these crazy olympic lifts and being very aggressive. One of the things that attracted us to this gym was the fact that it was the complete opposite. Everyone (not just the coaches, but your classmates) are very motivating. Yes, you still do the “crazy” olympic lifts but everything tailored to your abilities.
My husband is new to CrossFit and was intimidated by it till he actually gave it a shot. The coaches take their time explaining things and are patient with each one of us to make sure we get the optimum work out, as well as looking at our own fitness and health goals.
I am very happy with the decision we made and I would highly recom

Merna I.
Dublin CA
THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! I have been to tons of facilities around the country and never been to a larger, open, more usable space/facility than this. They have every piece of equipment you could ever ask for and when you are working out you aren’t crammed for space like other places. More importantly; the staff/coaches are very friendly, educated, non intimidating, and will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable while SAFELY pushing you to YOUR workout capacity. For me personally, i love that they are a “sport science” based facility and all their workouts are based around progression and performance, and NOT just made up to be the hardest workout imaginable that could lead to injury for no reason.
No matter your background (professional athlete, everyday gym member, weekend warrior, or just starting) this is the place for you. I promise if you try them out, you will love it and become part of their family. They will help you in anyway they can to reach your PERSONAL goal and SAFELY do so! LOVE THIS PLACE, give them a shot!

Ryan S.
San Ramon, CA

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